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|ExplorationSubGroup=Borehole Seismic Techniques
|ExplorationSubGroup=Borehole Seismic Techniques
|ParentExplorationTechnique=Downhole Techniques
|ParentExplorationTechnique=Downhole Techniques
|Category=Downhole Techniques, Borehole Seismic Techniques
|Category=Downhole Techniques

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Exploration Technique: Borehole Seismic Techniques

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Exploration Technique Information
Exploration Group: Downhole Techniques
Exploration Sub Group: Borehole Seismic Techniques
Parent Exploration Technique: Downhole Techniques
Information Provided by Technique
Borehole Seismic Techniques:
Borehole seismic techniques provide high-resolution images in the vicinity of a wellbore and can be used for correlation with surface seismic data in order to improve the understanding of the subsurface.
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