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The Annual Energy Outlook report is a yearly report presenting yearly projections and analysis of a wide range of energy topics. This years report was released on April 26th. The next Annual Energy Outlook report is scheduled to be released in April of 2012. The report uses data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration to administer analyses, create models related to energy topics, and develop forecasts for the future. The AEO report is recognized as a very important report on energy, and the data it uses from EIA is valuable to policy-makers, companies, organizations, scientists, and national labs.

AEO 2012 Early Release

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The early release is a 13-page document with highlights of the full report generally expected to be released sometime in April of each year. The early report gives readers an idea of the trends in energy use, as well as any changes made from past reports. Also associated with the report are several reference case tables with data used in preparing the full report.

Changes from previous AEO 2010 report

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Updates from Early Release Reference Case

The Annual Energy Outlook 2011 (AEO2011) Reference case that is included as part of the complete report released in April, 2011 has been updated from the Reference case that was released as part of the AEO2011 Early Release Overview in December, 2010. The Reference case was updated to incorporate modeling changes and reflect new legislation or regulation that was not available when the Early Release Overview version of the Reference case was published. Major changes made in the Reference include:

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Executive Summary

The projections in the Energy Information Administration's (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook 2011 (AEO2011) focus on the factors that shape the U.S. energy system over the long term. Under the assumption that current laws and regulations remain unchanged throughout the projections, the AEO2011 Reference case provides the basis for examination and discussion of energy production, consumption, technology, and market trends and the direction they may take in the future. It also serves as a starting point for analysis of potential changes in energy policies. But AEO2011 is not limited to the Reference case. It also includes 57 sensitivity cases, which explore important areas of uncertainty for markets, technologies, and policies in the U.S. energy economy.

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