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BLM Geothermal Case: AZA-009181

Location Information

Geothermal Area Geothermal Resource Area

Meridian Longitude line from which the PLSS is measured

State(s) State within the Geothermal Area

Township For example: T3N

Range For example: R34W

Section For example: 26

Aliquot For example: SW1/4 or all

Case Data

Survey Type For example: Unsurveyed - uprotracted, Aliquot Part (40 Acres)

Case Status Status of case at most recent import from LR2000

Case Type Type of lease

Total Acreage Total acreage of the lease

Price Price paid for competitive lease ($/acre)

Managing Field Office Name of the lead agency managing office (District Office for BLM, Field Office for USFS

Lessee 1 Majority interest owner in lease

Lessee 1 Ownership Interest Percent ownership of the majority interest owner

Lessee 2 Second most interest owner in lease

Lessee 2 Ownership Interest Percent ownership of the second most, interest owner

Effective Date Date the case was issued

Expire Date Date the case expires

Held By Production (HBP) If the lease is producing, the lease is said to be "held by production" and there is no lease expiration so long as it continues to produce

Surface Manager Organization(s) that is managing surface development activity

Royalty Rate What the lease holder pays to the federal government on production

Activity Most recent activity on case (for a list of all activities, see the Seriel Register Page)

Date activity was logged Date activity was logged

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