3D Magnetotelluric Characterization Of The Geothermal Anomaly In The Llucmajor Aquifer System (Majorca, Spain)

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Journal Article: 3D Magnetotelluric Characterization Of The Geothermal Anomaly In The Llucmajor Aquifer System (Majorca, Spain)


Abstract: In the Llucmajor aquifer system (Majorca Island, Spain) some geothermal evidences have appeared. This phenomenon is not isolated to Majorca and it is present in other areas, where it can be associated with structural conditions, especially to the extensional event suffered by the island after the Alpine Orogeny. However, the origin of this anomaly in Llucmajor is not well known, and there is no surface geological evidence of these structural conditions. With the aim of delineating the geoelectrical structure of the zone and identifying the geological structure that allows the presence of this anomaly, an audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) survey was carried out. The AMT data was processed using a Wavelet Transform-based scheme. Dimensionality analysis indicates that the geoelectrical structure is mainly 3D. The 3D model was obtained by trial and error forward modeling, taking accounting of the responses from the determinant of the impedance tensor. The model shows a vertical resistivity distribution with three horizons associated with different units: on the top, a shallow high resistive media related to an unconfined shallow aquifer; in the middle, a conductive layer related to the aquitard, and below it, another resistive media related to the confined deeper aquifer. The intermediate horizon shows a sudden thinning beneath the thermal anomalous zone that can be identified as a weakness zone (fault or fracture) connecting both aquifers. An exploratory well was drilled after the AMT survey and reached almost 700 m in depth. This allowed correlating the resistivity distribution of the 3D model with data logging and lithology obtained from the well, showing a proper agreement between them.

Author(s): C. Arango, A. Marcuello, J. Ledo, P. Queralt

Published: Journal of Applied Geophysics, 2009

Document Number: Unavailable

DOI: 10.1016/j.jappgeo.2008.05.006

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