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  • Fallon FORGE GIS and Downhole Well Lithology Data

    ArcGIS Map Package with MT Station Locations, 2D Seismic Lines, Well data, Known Regional Hydrothermal Systems, Regional Historic Earthquake Seismicity, Regional Temperature...
  • New Mexico Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis from LANL

    This submission contains geospatial (GIS) data on water table gradient and depth, subcrop gravity and magnetic, propsectivity, heat flow, physiographic, boron and BHT for the...
  • Hot Pot Fault Summary

    Compilation of faults interpreted from seismic reflection survey and from field observations.
  • Regional Geologic Map

    Shaded relief base with Hot Pot project area, generalized geology, selected mines, and major topographic features
  • Hot Pot Field Observations

    Map of field observations including depressions, springs, evidence of former springs, travertine terraces and vegetation patterns. Map also contains interpretation of possible...
  • Location Map

    Map file package containing shaded relief base with Hot Pot project area, major roads, railroads, and rivers. The inset map shows regional Paleozoic structural elements.