Transported Geothermal Energy Technoeconomic Screening Tool - Calculation Engine

This calculation engine estimates technoeconomic feasibility for transported geothermal energy projects.

The TGE screening tool (geotool.exe) takes input from input file (input.txt), and list results into output file (output.txt). Both the input and ouput files are in the same folder as the geotool.exe.

To use the tool, the input file containing adequate information of the case should be prepared in the format explained below, and the input file should be put into the same folder as geotool.exe. Then the geotool.exe can be executed, which will generate a output.txt file in the same folder containing all key calculation results. The format and content of the output file is explained below as well.

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Field Value
Author Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Maintainer Xiaobing Liu
bureau_code 019:20
Catalog GDR
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harvest_object_id ea50eb3f-84b5-47ee-906f-b55b7865f0b7
harvest_source_id 154c8289-1404-4e71-a217-a08000129ad0
harvest_source_title Geothermal Data Repository (GDR)
Origination Date 2016-09-21
program_code 019:006
Sectors Geothermal
was_harvested true

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