RANS Simulation (Virtual Blade Model [VBM]) of Array of Three Coaxial Lab Scaled DOE RM1 MHK Turbine with 5D Spacing

Attached are the .cas and .dat files along with the required User Defined Functions (UDFs) and look-up table of lift and drag coefficients for the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) simulation of three coaxially located lab-scaled DOE RM1 turbine implemented in ANSYS FLUENT CFD-package.

The lab-scaled DOE RM1 is a re-design geometry, based of the full scale DOE RM1 design, producing same power output as the full scale model, while operating at matched Tip Speed Ratio values at reachable laboratory Reynolds number (see attached paper).

In this case study the flow field around and in the wake of the lab-scaled DOE RM1 turbines in a coaxial array is simulated using Blade Element Model (a.k.a Virtual Blade Model) by solving RANS equations coupled with k-omega turbulence closure model. It should be highlighted that in this simulation the actual geometry of the rotor blade is not modeled. The effect of turbine rotating blades are modeled using the Blade Element Theory.

This simulation provides an accurate estimate for the performance of each device and structure of their turbulent far wake. The results of these simulations were validated against the developed in-house experimental data. Simulations for other turbine configurations are available upon request.

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