Admiralty Inlet Hub-Height Turbulence Measurements from June 2012

This data is from measurements at Admiralty Head, in admiralty inlet. The measurements were made using an IMU equipped ADV mounted on a mooring, the 'Tidal Turbulence Mooring' or 'TTM'. The inertial measurements from the IMU allows for removal of mooring motion in post processing. The mooring motion has been removed from the stream-wise and vertical velocity signals (u, w). The lateral (v) velocity may have some 'persistent motion contamination' due to mooring sway. The ADV was positioned 11m above the seafloor in 58m of water at 48.1515N, 122.6858W.


  • Velocity data (_u, urot, uacc) is in m/s.
  • Acceleration (Accel) data is in m/s^2.
  • Angular rate (AngRt) data is in rad/s.
  • The components of all vectors are in 'ENU' orientation. That is, the first index is True East, the second is True North, and the third is Up (vertical).
  • All other quantities are in the units defined in the Nortek Manual.

Motion correction and rotation into the ENU earth reference frame was performed using the Python-based open source DOLfYN library ( Details on motion correction can be found there.

For additional details on this dataset see the included Marine Energy Technology Symposium paper.

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