A2e - WFIP2 - Lidar - ESRL WindCube 200s, Arlington Airport - Reviewed Data


Atmosphere to Electrons (A2e) is a new, multi-year, multi-stakeholder U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research and development initiative tasked with improving wind plant performance and mitigating risk and uncertainty to achieve substantial reduction in the cost of wind energy production.

The A2e strategic vision will enable a new generation of wind plant technology, in which smart wind plants are designed to achieve optimized performance stemming from more complete knowledge of the inflow wind resource and complex flow through the wind plant.

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Project: Wind Forecast Improvement Project 2

The Wind Forecast Improvement Project in Complex Terrain, or WFIP2, field campaign officially ended on March 31, 2017. However, some instruments continued to collect data in the field after this date. In general, the data collected after March 31, 2017 have not been quality controlled (QC) and exist on the DAP as z0 data. These data should only be used after discussions with the instrument owners. If any of these data have undergone QC, they will exist as b0 data.

The WFIP2 has maintained two overarching scientific goals:

  1. To improve the physical understanding of atmospheric processes that directly affect wind energy forecasts in areas of complex terrain.
  2. To incorporate the new understanding into a foundational weather forecasting model that improves wind energy forecasts.

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Dataset Overview

The available "readme" file introduces the basics of the Doppler lidar data and offers a detailed description of the variables present in the data files.

For those with any further questions about the data and its interpretation, contact either Alan Brewer () or Sunil Baidar (). It is highly recommended to discuss any planned use of the data with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-Chemical Sciences Division (NOAA-CSD) scientists.

For more information, refer to the Readme file: "noaa-esrl-arlingtonlidar-readme-1.pdf."

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Data access is enabled only after registering with A2e.

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Field Value
Source https://a2e.energy.gov/data/wfip2/lidar.z05.b0
Author Aditya Choukulkar
Maintainer Atmosphere to Electrons (A2e)
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Catalog EERE
harvest_object_id 8b4e814f-73d2-44e0-b347-6274ebb864db
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