MHK LCOE Reporting Guidance Draft

To normalize competing claims of LCOE, DOE has developed—for its own use—a standardized cost and performance data reporting process to facilitate uniform calculation of LCOE from MHK device developers. This standardization framework is only the first version in what is anticipated to be an iterative process that involves industry and the broader DOE stakeholder community.

Multiple files are attached here for review and comment. The primary files for review are the:

  •   "DOE LCOE Reporting Guidance" Word document
  •   an Excel workbook containing the reference resource data for Wave and Tidal technologies
  •   a second word document outlining DOE's request for tank test performance data

In addition to the attached documents, a separate discussion thread exists for providing comments on the MHK Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS).

This discussion forum has been created as a mechanism to receive feedback .  Please note that any comments in this forum will be public.  If you do not wish to comment publically, you can direct your comment or question to the following individuals:

•    For specific questions or comments regarding wave performance reporting or the wave reference resource, please contact Mike Lawson ( or Yi-Hsiang Yu (

•    For specific questions or comments regarding cost reporting and the Cost Breakdown Structure, please contact Scott Jenne (

•    For all other comments and general questions regarding this guidance, please contact Alison LaBonte (


LCOE Guidance Presentation with Example

A presentation has been supplied, with audio, to supplement the material supplied in MHK LCOE Reporting Guidance document listed below under "Files". This presentation not only highlights some of the key components of the LCOE Guidance document but it includes an example case (DOE Reference Model 6 - Oscillating Water Column). More details on the Reference Models can be found here. The presentation was created in Microsoft Powerpoint, therefore it is recommended that Microsoft Powerpoint or Powerpoint Viewer be installed prior to downloading the presentation. 

Click here to download the LCOE Guidance Presentation with Example. 





Thank you for visiting this

Thank you for visiting this forum to download the MHK LCOE Reporting Guidance. We welcome your feedback.


Updated wave energy resource distributions

The LCOE reporting guidance and reference resource documents have been updated with new wave energy resource distributions.


Guidance and Reference Resource UPDATE

The MHK LCOE Reporting Guidance and the LCOE Reference Resource have both been updated. Prior versions can be accesses via the links below: