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hi how can i get wind data

hi how can i get wind data for specific point with google earth data, do you know a tool to design wind sola hybrid power plants?


Wind Data


There are various types of wind data available.  These can be searched for on OpenEI using the Search tool with keyword wind and filtering the content to only display datasets.  Depending on the global region you are interested in, SWERA and IRENA may also be helpful.  SWERA data can be viewed here:, while the IRENA Global Atlas for Solar and Wind can be viewed here:, this portal provides access to the Atlas' Data Catalog.

With regard to Google Earth, the data mentioned above are available as shapefiles or web services, but can be converted to KML files for compatibility with Google Earth.  A quick Google search can provide tools for doing this.  It may be easier to just launch an existing resource application and navigate the map to the area of interest and display the appropriate wind resource layer.  Here again the SWERA application can be useful, as well as NREL's Renewable Energy Atlas (RE Atlas).

I am not aware of a tool that is specifically focused on designing hybrid wind and solar power plants, but an application that may be useful to assist with this question is the System Advisor Model (SAM).

These resources should prove helpful in getting started, please feel free to follow up with any other questions.