2013 Civic Hacking Day Ideas

The folks at Rally are considering options to help build a great energy app for Civic Hacking Day in Boulder, Colorado.  Perhaps we'll get more folks interested?  Here are a few ideas to start the discussion!  Please post comments to this thread to follow up.

  1. Electric cost app
  2. Augmented reality app
    • Create a "master API" that ties several location-based APIs together; would start with one "sub" API from the list below:
    • Use Layar to tie in the master API with a view of the data
    • This would be "community level" data, not building-level; that is, you could look out and see fueling stations, incentives, etc; this would overlay points "on the horizon" (Yelp monocle-style), but would involve computer vision overlaying something over a photograph

Happy to discuss any of these ideas further!  Thanks,




Another idea

Thanks for getting the ideas flowing Ryan!  As I was looking through other ideas on the NDCH website, I found this one: http://hackforchange.org/challenge/universal-access-green-button requested by DOE.

This may also be a good one for the Rally/NREL Team to explore since it directly relates to the work we are already doing on Green Button.  Team - see the energydatadrive.org app that is collecting Green Button data. 

The idea from the NDCH website is:

Challenge Description
The industry-standard for access to the energy consumption information of homes and businesses is called the Green Button.  This data is the currency of the smart grid.  However, not all utilities have adopted the Green Button standard.  This limits third-party providers from delivering energy efficiency products.  A web-based technology to decode utility bills into the Green Button Standard would greatly accelerate the nation’s ability to answer the President’s call to action to cut in half energy wasted by homes and businesses over the next 20 years.
Functional Specifications
  • The Green Button standard, SDK, and examples are available at greenbuttondata.org
  • By empowering people with access to their own energy consumption information, unlocking the Green Button could literally impact EVERY building in America.