New Robust References!

Check out the new Reference Form.  Adding a reference object to OpenEI using this form is the most complete way to cite a reference.  After providing the name of your reference, the form will ask for your document type.

How to create formatted blocks to hold OpenEI wiki content

The OpenEI wiki frontpage uses "boxes" that help organize content. These boxes are frequently re-used across the site.

New Result Formats on OpenEI


As a result of the recent upgrade, and some internal improvements, OpenEI now features a host of new result formats to enhance your wiki content.  You can find a list of them right here:

I would like to call extra attention to two of these:

OpenEI dashboard

OpenEI web traffic from Bangalore, IndiaDid you know that in the last month, 621 people in Bangalore, India spent 16 hours browsing  Or that in the last year, 14,243 people found out about an energy app through the OpenEI apps browser?

Image upload with broken thumbnail image

OpenEI users can upload images to the wiki by typing a new file name

However, due to a caching timing issue, right after upload, the 120px-wide thumbnail has not yet been created by the time the fetier cache goes after it.  Thus, the thumbnail appears broken.

Is anyone up for debugging?

For users uploading images, this can be fixed by forcing a reload of the page:


Developer community for OpenEI data, and helpful information for OpenEI wiki authors

Enabling developers to use energy web services on OpenEI,, and across the web.  We help developers find quality data, understand data provenance and assist with web service integration.  We also help "power wiki" users develop complex Ask queries, SPARQL queries and great-looking OpenEI pages using wiki syntax and CSS.

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