Utility Rates

Announcing New Utility Rate Database and API Features!

NREL, in collaboration with Illinois State University, with funding from the Department of Energy Sunshot Program, has enhanced the U.S. Utility Rate Database with the following new features:

The utility rate database version 1 API is now deprecated

There comes a time in every API version's lifecycle when it needs to be deprecated.

OpenEI's utility rate database version 1 API has been in use since the inception of the database in 2010.  As Illinois State University has taken a commanding lead of the project and its data curation, we have updated the schema and API to version 2 to present a richer spectrum of utility rate data.

Tip for working with approvals on OpenEI

The "ApprovedRevs" extension is the feature on OpenEI that allows crowd-sourced data to be quality-controlled (approved) in a formal fashion.  The incentive & policy (including EZFeed data) and utility rate sections use this feature.

EIA officially recognizes utility rate database on OpenEI

OpenEI and U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Good news, everyone! The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) now officially recognizes the OpenEI utility rate database. Up until just a few months ago, the EIA website stated:

Utility Rates API Version 2 is Live!

Smart meterAfter several months of development and testing, the next generation web service for the utility rate database is finally here! I encourage you to check out the V2 Utility Rates API at http://en.openei.org/services/doc/rest/util_rates

Considering removing "Show Preview" button on utility rate form edit

I'm considering removing the "Show Preview" button, since it does not work (javascript validation issue that could be fixed), and it doesn't make sense.  The reason to remove it would be that this form's output is nearly identical to the form itself.  Showing a preview does not add any value.  Or does it?

Opening the discussion in case anyone has feedback on it.



Utility rate change propagation is now much faster

Good news, everyone!  Changes to the utility rate template or fields cause small updates on all 29K+ utility rates on OpenEI, which takes time to process.  Older versions of mediawiki and semantic mediawiki were not as efficient at handling these.  Preliminary results after changing a field and tweaking job run speeds shows a ~60X improvement in speed.  Changes to utility rates can now be propagated to the entire database in approximately 35 minutes - before it took more than one day.  We are hopeful we will keep seeing various benefits from the upgrade process.

Front-end utility rate updates

A few utility rate updates worth noting.  We used to have a limit of 100 for results returned on the utility gateway.  That has been increased, along with a few UI updates.

Semantic Mediawiki Semantic Forms update

We have just updated Semantic Forms on OpenEI to version 2.4 to enable some upgrades to the utility rate forms (thanks Teresa!).  If you see any problems in forms you use on OpenEI, please notify us by commenting on this blog entry or emailing us from the contact link on the OpenEI frontpage.

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