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Utility Rates API Version 2 is Live!

Smart meterAfter several months of development and testing, the next generation web service for the utility rate database is finally here! I encourage you to check out the V2 Utility Rates API at http://en.openei.org/services/doc/rest/util_rates

Increasing ask query limit

An NREL user who is trying to use the utility rate service was having an issue.  He writes "I noticed that any rates past 10,000 are not accessible via json. For example, this query only returns two entries: http://en.openei.org/services/rest/utility_rates?version=latest&format=json_plain&offset=9998&limit=30&detail=basic".

"Ghost" entries

There is an issue that Illinois State University has come across.  From Nick B:

How do I Build Apps with Utility Rate Data (that is continuously updating)?


There's a need among our users to incorporate the electricity rates from the URDB into new apps.  For example, we recently had this question: Is there a way that I can utilize your platform to find energy rates per kWh (residential, ideally final price to consumer)?  Is there a way that we can design our database (which is currently organized by zip code,) to continually be updated by your information?   


Utility Rate

Group interested in making improvements to OpenEI's utility rate data, structure and user interface.
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