Smart Grid

Quarterly Smart Grid Data available for download on OpenEI is a resource for information about the Smart Grid and government-sponsored Smart Grid projects. The information on helps consumers and stakeholders understand the basics of a Smart Grid, and also brings data generated by recipients to the public.

That data is key to the long-term success of a true Smart Grid, and you can download it, only on OpenEI.

The Consumer Electronics Show round-up

Every January, Las Vegas hosts the Consumer Electronics Show. The CES is the world's largest technology-related trade show.

The highlights of this year's show were OLED TVs, ultra-thin laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, a few smart grid-related technologies were making an impression.

Green Button Applications

Discuss topics related to Green Button Apps - energy providers are giving customers easy and secure online access to their personal energy use data.

The Green Button program offers unique differences and improvements over previous data access for customers. First, is the availability of detailed energy use data. Utility customers are able to securely access their energy use data from the web. Second, is the offering of energy use data in a detailed and standardized format.

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