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It's always a tough question to answer, "What are the best open datasets from the government?"  People generally understand the value of things like weather and GPS data, but if the question is from an experienced health care or energy entrepreneur, they are looking for something much more specific.  To be really compelling the data has to be highly relevant, accessible through a technology like an application programming interface (API), or just simply new.  A quick glance at sites like or demonstrate that the U.S.

LOD Workshop Invitation

Update the invitation (attached).  It now features a link to the public facing wiki page.


Energy Datapalooza Community

A forum for engagement between Energy Datapalooza attendees and their collaborators

To continue the "awesomeness" demonstrated on October 1st, 2012, this forum exists to provide a free and open exchange of ideas, datasets and technologies.

Energy Data Initiative (EDI)

Liberating Data as Fuel for Innovation


Initiative Vision: Transform gigabytes into actionable intelligence, which accelerates job creation.  Fuel entrepreneurs with previously untapped data to spur new products and services that help American families and businesses save money on utility bills and at the pump, protect the environment, and ensure a safe and reliable energy future.

EERE - Energy Data Initiative

Action Items, Status and Collaboration following PM Workshop on July 13th

Open Data is the newest fuel; effective deployment of Open Data will support EERE's mission.

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