Green Button

DOE Leading by Example with Green Button, American Energy Data Challenge contest #4

DOE will launch the fourth and final leg of the American Energy Data Challenge, “DOE Leading by Example with Green Button,” using Green Button energy usage data from its own headquarters building in Washington DC – The James H. Forrestal Building just one block off the National Mall. Contestant individuals and organizations will be challenged to come up with energy savings opportunities, building performance insights, weather-dependent behavior, occupant programs – anything that’s possible with data and creativity.

Date: April-June 2015

Green Button FAQ

The site has recently been updated.  Users coming here for questions may find the answers they are searching for in some of the following resources: a developer sandbox site, API documentation and resources available on GitHub.

Green Button in the News

Last week, Green Button was once again making news, this time at NREL.

A full-length article about how utility companies are using Green Button standards set by the Department of Energy, NREL, and the White House to give consumers the ability to easily access and share their personal energy data.

EERE - Energy Data Initiative

Action Items, Status and Collaboration following PM Workshop on July 13th

Open Data is the newest fuel; effective deployment of Open Data will support EERE's mission.

Green Button Applications

Discuss topics related to Green Button Apps - energy providers are giving customers easy and secure online access to their personal energy use data.

The Green Button program offers unique differences and improvements over previous data access for customers. First, is the availability of detailed energy use data. Utility customers are able to securely access their energy use data from the web. Second, is the offering of energy use data in a detailed and standardized format.

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