New Presidential Memorandum on establishing Quadrennial Energy Review

A new memorandum from the President to the heads of executive departments and agencies announces the development of an interagency Quadrennial Energy Review Task Force. The tast force includes members from all relevant executive departments and agencies, who will be tasked with developing an integrated review of energy policy that integrates all of these collective perspectives.

Future of Condition Monitoring for Wind Turbines

Research into third party software to aid in the development of better CMS in order to raise turbine efficiency

We endeavor to build new software over existing SCADA and sensor data to simplify and ameliorate the existing condition/health monitoring of deployed wind turbines. 

We are seeking partners and contributors to aid in our search for real data sets in order to test our hypothesis!

NREL's Energy Databus storing big energy data

The Energy Databus began as a project aimed at addressing campus energy consumption and tracking issues at NREL. Now, with the ability to store large amounts of data, some of which measured by the second, along with rich functionality, the open-source software tool could offer the same solutions to many facilities.


The NREL databus project

The NREL databus is software that can be installed in your organization to hold time series data.  It has some clients/drivers that read from devices and write it into databus.  There is currently a modbus driver that speaks to devices that talk modbus and a bacnet driver that talks to devices that speak bacnet.  More drivers/clients will be written in the future by us and the community at large.

Reegle mentions OpenEI in video on new Content Pool API

Reegle and OpenEI share the vision that easy access to energy information will help drive future developments in clean energy development.

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