Desert Sunlight goes online!

Dedicated on Monday, this new 550 MW PV Solar Plant in Southern California is the latest feather in DOE's cap.  Read more about it on Breaking Energy or checkout the info page from the California Clean Energy Association.

MHK LCOE Reporting Guidance Draft

To normalize competing claims of LCOE, DOE has developed—for its own use—a standardized cost and performance data reporting process to facilitate uniform calculation of LCOE from MHK device developers. This standardization framework is only the first version in what is anticipated to be an iterative process that involves industry and the broader DOE stakeholder community.

Multiple files are attached here for review and comment. The primary files for review are the:


OpenEI Showcased in Geothermal Exploration Best Practices Workshop

This week, Denver hosted the US DOE Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) 2013 Peer Review. The purpose of the peer review is to offer geothermal stakeholders an opportunity to learn about the projects funded by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) across a wide spectrum of technical complexity and funding magnitude, from research and development to demonstration and analysis.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu to host DOE's first google hangout at 2 EST

The DOE Energy Secretary Steven Chu will be hosting a google hangout open to the public tomorrow afternoon to answer questions related to the Sunshot Initiative.

More about the Google Hangout tomorrow:

FOA aimed at growing expansive database of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Incentives and Policies

A new funding opportunity is available to anyone interested in helping develop a public database of federal, state, and local policies and incentives.

These resources will be made available through state-of-the-art web and mobile interfaces, on-demand web services, and a downloadable data feed designed to reach a wide variety of stakeholders including energy professionals and end consumers.

Green Button in the News

Last week, Green Button was once again making news, this time at NREL.

A full-length article about how utility companies are using Green Button standards set by the Department of Energy, NREL, and the White House to give consumers the ability to easily access and share their personal energy data.

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