New Robust References!

Check out the new Reference Form.  Adding a reference object to OpenEI using this form is the most complete way to cite a reference.  After providing the name of your reference, the form will ask for your document type.

Utility Rates API Version 2 is Live!

Smart meterAfter several months of development and testing, the next generation web service for the utility rate database is finally here! I encourage you to check out the V2 Utility Rates API at

Multicolor Maps from Compound Queries


Hi all,

Recently, a couple of people on OpenEI have asked me how to do compound (or multicolor) maps like this one:

New Result Formats on OpenEI


As a result of the recent upgrade, and some internal improvements, OpenEI now features a host of new result formats to enhance your wiki content.  You can find a list of them right here:

I would like to call extra attention to two of these:

Utility rate change propagation is now much faster

Good news, everyone!  Changes to the utility rate template or fields cause small updates on all 29K+ utility rates on OpenEI, which takes time to process.  Older versions of mediawiki and semantic mediawiki were not as efficient at handling these.  Preliminary results after changing a field and tweaking job run speeds shows a ~60X improvement in speed.  Changes to utility rates can now be propagated to the entire database in approximately 35 minutes - before it took more than one day.  We are hopeful we will keep seeing various benefits from the upgrade process.

OpenEI maintenance March 8-9, 2013


We would like to inform the OpenEI community that OpenEI will be undergoing a significant software upgrade during a maintenance window this weekend.  We will be upgrading the wiki and semantic mediawiki portions of OpenEI, which means /datasets, /apps, /lod, /sparql and /community will continue to function normally.  Additionally, web services that rely on Ask queries (utility rate database API) may have some downtime as we transition.

Semantic Mediawiki Semantic Forms update

We have just updated Semantic Forms on OpenEI to version 2.4 to enable some upgrades to the utility rate forms (thanks Teresa!).  If you see any problems in forms you use on OpenEI, please notify us by commenting on this blog entry or emailing us from the contact link on the OpenEI frontpage.

OpenEI API listing


We had an internal OpenEI strategy conversation just this week, and we spoke somewhat indirectly about a list of energy APIs on OpenEI.  We have the Energy Hackathon Resource page, but I want to draw energy developers here instead of a plain vanilla page.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a list, perhaps a faceted list, of energy APIs, datasets, etc?

Increasing ask query limit

An NREL user who is trying to use the utility rate service was having an issue.  He writes "I noticed that any rates past 10,000 are not accessible via json. For example, this query only returns two entries:".

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