National Day of Civic Hacking

The National Day of Civic Hacking is coming to a city near you. Internationally-supported, these civic hacking events will be in cities around the world bringing together citizens, software developers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and build solutions to data, code, and technology.

Quarterly Smart Grid Data available for download on OpenEI is a resource for information about the Smart Grid and government-sponsored Smart Grid projects. The information on helps consumers and stakeholders understand the basics of a Smart Grid, and also brings data generated by recipients to the public.

That data is key to the long-term success of a true Smart Grid, and you can download it, only on OpenEI.

NEPA Database

We are in the process of working with federal agencies (DOE, BLM, USFS) and their local offices to collect detailed information about Geothermal NEPA documents, including applications that triggered the documents, relevant dates, agencies, stipulations, conditions and mitigation measures.  The collection of these data will allow us to analyze (with real data) NEPA timelines and processes.  These data will be posted on OpenEI after they are collected.

Reegle mentions OpenEI in video on new Content Pool API

Reegle and OpenEI share the vision that easy access to energy information will help drive future developments in clean energy development.

IRENA launches global atlas of renewable energy potential

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) recently launched the Global Atlas project in January, bringing robust tools and maps of renewable energy potential to your fingertips.

OpenEI is also involved, serving as a portal to the IRENA global atlas on our platform.

Visualize energy APIs with a new OpenEI browser

OpenEI has created a simple way to see energy APIs available to developers.  See commercial and free energy APIs such as NREL's developer network, Genability, 3TIER, OpenEI APIs and more!  Click here to get started.

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