Announcing New Utility Rate Database and API Features!

NREL, in collaboration with Illinois State University, with funding from the Department of Energy Sunshot Program, has enhanced the U.S. Utility Rate Database with the following new features:

The utility rate database version 1 API is now deprecated

There comes a time in every API version's lifecycle when it needs to be deprecated.

OpenEI's utility rate database version 1 API has been in use since the inception of the database in 2010.  As Illinois State University has taken a commanding lead of the project and its data curation, we have updated the schema and API to version 2 to present a richer spectrum of utility rate data.

Utility Rates API Version 2 is Live!

Smart meterAfter several months of development and testing, the next generation web service for the utility rate database is finally here! I encourage you to check out the V2 Utility Rates API at http://en.openei.org/services/doc/rest/util_rates

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