Top Innovation Ideas from the New York Energy Data Jam


1. Negawatt Market Pilot -  “Paying People to Conserve”
Description:  Paying people to conserve by baselining home energy against past usage and measuring actual savings; compensated for by the utility or municipality.
2. Health & Energy Calculator – “Match your Budget with Energy Benefits”
Description:  Quantify health benefits of your energy conservation efforts and retrofitting, connected to your budget and income through a simple and personalized calculator tool.
3. Check-Engine Light for your Home:  “Home Energy Detection”
Description: Detect home issues through automated alerts.  Seamless-to-user, but uses anomaly detection, Green Button data, and sophisticated analytics.
4. Improve Your Move: “Linking Homeowners with EE Incentives” or “”
Description:   Provide consumers with information about state, federal and local energy efficiency incentives, certified energy efficiency contractors, and retailers for EnergySTAR products as they are moving into a new home. Create an app and advertise this information in the address forwarding coupons package that they receive.
5. Residential Retrofits:  “Risk-Free, High-Return Retrofit Investment Product”
Description:  Using energy data, floor space, ceiling height, and tax records in the public domain, measured efficiency can be determined for retrofit transactions.  The measured efficiency would be used to frame energy efficiency investments like other financial investment products on your financial management platform.  For example, a low-risk CD might give you a 3% rate of return whereas a $5000 energy efficiency investment might give you an 8% return on investment.
6. Electricity Live: “Liberating the US Electricity Grid”
Description:  Provide instant access to operating loads across the US through live disclosure on generation that can help drive innovation and further incentives.  
7.   “Energy Information You Can Take to the Bank”
Description:  Provide track record of real building projects to secure investor confidence and communicate results transparently.
8. Sim City: “Track and Predict Grid Vulnerability”
Description:  Simulation and data collection tool to model the distribution of weather-related outages, equipment failure, accidents, and failure-related stress to predict grid vulnerability and visualize distributed assets for improved reliability.
9. R.E.A.C.H.: “Democratizing Renewable Energy Investment through Value Transparency”
Description:  Comprehensive tool to provide valuable data for renewable investments.  Collect data that already exists and integrate newly available financial tools (e.g. “Kelly’s Blue Book” style pricing, residual value at end-of-life, forecasting tools, etc.)
10. Smart Tripping: “Book of Trips” or “Who Goes Where & Who Should Go Where”
Description:   Optimizing transportation planning, provide new services (e.g. insurance, discounts, etc), and provide anticipatory suggestions (e.g. it’s raining, so take the train instead of your bike) based on historic and real-time location data.