Geothermal Stakeholder Feedback on the GRR

As we head into the holiday season, we thought we'd share with you some of the feedback we've received from industry, agency, consultant and other stakeholder personnel.  Thanks again to all, and Happy Holidays!


  • "GRR is a much needed tool for navigating the geothermal regulatory environment.  It will go a long way towards facilitating more geothermal energy development." (agency)
  • "Very impressive product.  The workshop [at GRC] was very helpful and thought provoking.  Participants very engaged." (industry)
  • "Good, forward-thinking initiative.  Highly needed."
  • "Appreciate the efforts to streamline the process and improve accessibility to information -- coordination is always helpful." (agency)
  • "I think it's a good thing that this effort is being made.  Hopefully, it will make it easier for everyone - especially the user/developer." (agency)
  • "Great effort.  Necessary and timely." (agency)
  • "Not sure how applicable this is going to be in Oregon." (agency)
  • "Final products should be a good tool for geothermal community and should lead to streamlining of regulations." (agency)

Roadmap Development Process

  • “I learned new things coming to these meetings – every project teaches me something new” (industry)
  • “The objective of creating this ‘roadmap’ is absolutely necessary.  I would encourage you to continue the project.” (industry)
  • “Flowcharts are very clear and accurate.  Process end-product will add value to a variety of audiences.” (agency)
  • “Keep up the momentum to see and cross the finish line – we really need this tool!” (industry)
  • “It was great meeting with other agencies [during state meetings] to understand their processes and priorities” (agency)
  • “I can’t wait to use these flowcharts to train my newer employees!” (multiple agencies)
  • "It would be great to have these developed for other renewables, too!" (industry, agencies)
  • "Excellent progress on a daunting task.  Keep up the good work!" (agency)
  • "Need to explain geothermal energy systems to meeting attendees.  Many inexperienced staff here." (industry)
  • "Fully support the concept and the process.  Helpful to have an understanding and expectation to help with planning and proactive approach to permitting." (agency)
  • "Need to look for the regulatory loopholes!" (agency)
  • "Good discussion.  I learned a lot from this [state] meeting." (agency)
  • "Love the collaborative nature of putting all of the different permitting processes online." (agency)
  • "Concerned about support of this effort 2-3 years down the road." (agency)
  • "These meetings were useful for networking with state counterparts, meeting with developers in the state, allowing direct revisions to flowcharts from agencies, and learning more about providing data via websites like OpenEI." (agency)
  • "[The state meeting] was informative regarding the various agencies involved, some of which I have had limited contact with thus far." (agency)

Online tool

  • “Please get this website out to as many agencies as possible for them to link directly to your websites – it’s a great tool!” (agency)
  • “Contact GRC to get 5-10 min. in opening session to describe these products on OpenEI” (industry)
  • “Flowchart detail and layout is very good, but the number of flowcharts is over-whelming.  Developing into a web application would improve usability, particularly if it’s used to track schedules and accountability.”  (industry)
  • "I like the idea that all can update - but concerned about potential problems if oversight is not kept up.  It needs some agency "champion" to ensure that the contents are updated as regulations change." (industry)