The biodegradable building brick

Two designers, using fallen leaves and discarded plastic bottles, have created a material that is tough enough to be used for making bricks for buildings. The most impressive quality of these bricks, however, is that they can turn the building into a Rainwater collection system.

Typical bricks absorb or shed water that falls upon buildings, pour it straight into the ground or drain. However, these bricks, in areas where it is legal, could collect rainwater at the home. The water is channeled by the bricks into holding tanks. This water can then be re-used for home needs such as laundry, dishwashing, and gardening.

The bricks are for the outermost part of a home or building, where the grooves can channel water from the roof to the desired location. There is some doubt over the durability of the bricks. Therefore, it is suggested that they be used on a shed or doghouse to see if they are functioning properly without breaking down. These bricks pose a true eco-friendly building option that could reduce home water use.