2011 Grid-Interop Conference

This week, the Smartgrid.gov team is represented at the Grid-Interop Conference by Scott Crowder. The conference runs December 5-8. Grid-Interop is described as a conference bringing together a cross-section of industry stakeholders to ensure the rapid development and implementation of Smart Grid interoperabilty standards.

Grid-Interop is the longest-running Smart Grid interoperability-focused conference. Standards for interoperability are important in order to facilitate the way the Smart Grid can utilize new energy-saving technologies. The conference will focus on the implementation progress made to date, demonstrating success, and engaging several key stakeholders, including:

- Standards development organizations
- Businesses that use and implement standards
- Regulators that oversee the implementation of standards-based technologies
- Product designers, system integrators, and consultants who put standards to work in real-life applications.

Scott Crowder of Smartgrid.gov is presenting a sample of results in a panel discussion titled "You've Got Data, Now What!". The sample will highlight trends found in data collected from 99 investment grant projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Mr. Crowder has been actively involved in defining and implementing standards for the Smart Grid. He is part of the working group defining standard ways to share information between customers, utilities, and 3rd party energy service providers. He also aided the White House's Green Button Initiative through his work on the ESPI standard currently being used by Green Button . The Green Button Initiative is aimed at creating a simple, uniform way for customers to get access to their energy use information.

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