Hydrogen Station Capacity Evaluation

HySCapE outputs hydrogen fueling station capacity using station equipment parameters and a demand profile.

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Input File

Please note: the input file MUST use the template format contained in any of the example input files below. A non-template file will result in an error.

Additional Options
Storage level at which a delivery is made to the station or when on-site hydrogen production begins.
Time between the end of a vehicle fill to the beginning of the next fill. Minimum is 60 seconds
Model Defaults

The HySCapE model is using the following defaults:

Start Time:
Starting time of day HH:MM that the simulation begins.
End Time:
End time of day HH:MM that the simulation ends.
Vehicle Storage Capacity:
126 liters
The volume of the vehicle tanks showing up to fuel.
Hourly Distribution:
Fills are evenly distributed over the hour (default) or back-to-back.

About HySCapE

The Hydrogen Station Capacity Evaluation (HySCapE) model is designed to estimate hydrogen station capacity, based on user inputs for the hydrogen station capacity and pre-defined fueling demand profile. HySCapE is a mass balance model with simple, transparent methods for capacity estimation that can be consistently applied for different station configurations. This model is not a design tool or customized for individual station details like control strategy.

HySCapE reads the external user inputs and balances mass every second based on the predefined fueling demand scenario. The capacity calculation utilizes CSA HGV 4.9 [1] as the basis to determine one fill. The model has algorithms for dispensing, compression, delivery, and production. HySCapE outputs the number of kilograms (kg) dispensed in total and for full fills. A full fill is assumed to be greater than or equal to 95% state-of-charge (SOC). The output also includes more details on fill count, amount, duration, ending SOC, and station storage pressures and masses for the user to see how the algorithms were applied.

View the HySCapE Documentation for more details.

Processing Results...

HySCapE may take up to 2 minutes to process. Please do not refresh your browser.